CM Software Ltd

•Cut Office Administration

•Automate and Track Your Operators

•Interface Stock and Sales Direct to Sage Accounts

•Intelligent Route Planning

•Detect and Eliminate Theft

•Works With All Types of Vending Machine

•No Expensive Hardware or Handheld Device Needed

•Low Cost

A common sense system to manage vending machine restocking -  with built-in intelligence!

a common sense system for vending machine management - with built-in intelligence!


VanMate: The 'so simple to use system' that does so much! is a low cost on-line service that will organise your vending operators...  plus a whole lot more.


The VanMate Android Phone App is used by the route man to record stock placed and other information from the vending machines.


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Only £14.99 per van per month

Sales Hotline: 07766663523

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