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What are the steps to vending success? Here is our top five:



Make friends at all your jobs. Building a relationship with people you only see at intervals is hard but it will reap rewards in terms of repeat business, referrals and general good will.


Don't just stick to obvious places like leisure centres. For beverage franchises, you can place machines anywhere there are people: schools and even places like magistrates' courts are good revenue sources.


These are all cash businesses and you will have a lot of pound coins to pay into the bank. Banks charge for counting change but post offices don't. Pay into a post office and pay from there into the bank.


Keep researching your area especially once you have the franchise. You know your local area best and in order to find the best vending sites you need to continue to increase that knowledge.


Motivation is key, a successful franchisee will get out and find new locations and meet people constantly to find out what's needed. You can't be afraid of being a salesman - especially as these aren't hard sell products


      Manage your fleet on-line, schedule visits and routes



Predict, based on previous sales, stock needed to ensure vans are loaded optimally


Predict stock in vending machines to assist operators at kerbside


Suggest optimum stock in machine based on previous sales history


Record levels and meter readings on arrival at vending machine.


Record stock placed and cash in coin mechanism


Examine visits as they happen and run reports


Check cash collected against sales made for security / integrity check


Optimise calls/routes


Report on stock placed and Integral invoicing for subsidised machines


Export sales to Sage Accounts

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