CM Software Ltd

If you need to outsource software developement - written to your specification - then call. However big or small we will offer a competitive quotation.



NEW:  eCommerce Total Package


We can design, manage and maintain an eCommerce site for you - a complete service to get your business on-line!



We have considerable experience in several areas, including:


   P.C. applications programming using C/C++

   IPAQ programming using embedded Visual C++

   Database applications using Microsoft Access and ODBC.

   Building ActiveX components for the P.C. and Mobile devices.

   Web based ISAPI programming for Windows servers (SaaS).

   Parrallel computing using MPI for multi-processor cluster


Our Clients include... Wrigley Company Ltd (Plymouth),(Mars Ltd), Walkers (Reading),  Rijk Zwaan Ltd, Hewlett Packard (Bracknell),Westomatic Vending Machines, A.W.R.E. (Aldermaston),du Prè Telecommunications Ltd (Newbury), MDIS Ltd, H2O Vending (Kenco Local Business Group),APV Baker UK Ltd (Crawley), Rochford Thompson Ltd (Newbury),Contract Leads Limited, Mayze Systems Limited(Swindon),  Specrtrascan Ltd,  RH Technical Industries Ltd (Winchester).Applied Sweepers (Falkirk), Cabnoll Limited SANDS, HIGH WYCOMBE

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Ltd CAMBRIDGE, Group 4 Systems Limited (Tewkesbury), Morgana Systems Limited (Milton Keynes), Municipal And Mutual Insurance (Farnborough), Parkersell Services Ltd (Winchester),

Todd Research Ltd (Chelmsford), APV UK Plc (Crawley),Datastrip Limited (Thame).



CM Software specialise in developing

effective programs to help small and medium sized businesses maximise their profit margins and have total control of the important things of their operations.


We understand that every business is different, and that individual businesses have certain requirements that may make them unique.


We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that the software we develop does exactly what it is intended and has huge added value in terms of increasing profits and ROI.


We do not talk techno babble and have a very friendly but professional approach to every project we undertake.


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