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Square Square Square is a new Internet site designed by CM Software to help run a small to medium sized vending  machine restocking operation. The system organises operators by printing daily ‘worksheets’ for each machine on an operator’s route plan, with recommended fill quantities for each column in the machine. calculates the minimum stock needed based on previous sales and on the number of days until the next scheduled call. In this way vending machines are not over stocked, helping cash flow and minimising waste.


Meter readings and actual quantities placed are checked against cash box values to pinpoint theft. Stock and sales figures can be exported to the office accounts software thereby reducing administration time. Invoices, where applicable, for machine rental and products sold are generated automatically.



Predict, based on previous sales, stock needed to ensure vans are loaded optimally


Predict stock in vending machines to assist operators at kerbside


Suggest optimum stock in machine based on previous sales history


Record levels and meter readings on arrival at vending machine.


Record stock placed and cash in coin mechanism


Examine visits as they happen and run reports


Check cash collected against sales made for security / integrity check


Optimise calls/routes


Report on stock placed and Integral invoicing for subsidised machines


Export sales to Sage Accounts

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Vending Machine Software

Mobile Vending Software



Maintain product lists and prices on-line


Special customer prices are retained and previous ‘favourites’


Select items from pick-list on the screen of your Android mobile phone.


Shows complete invoice on screen


Automatic paper VAT invoice printing from the mobile pocket printer (optional).


Record any cash collected, and match payments against previous orders


Manage returns and refunds


Instant live reporting to our internet server


Examine visits as they happen and run reports


Export your sales direct to Sage Accounts.

Manage your van stock on-line

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Always be in control

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Square Square

Our vending management software is designed to give you total control over every aspect of your stock management, sales and profit analysis.


We are so convinced that this software will be perfect for your business, we offer a FREE demo

We are always happy to discuss your exact requirements and are able to tailor make software for clients who have specific requirements.


Our cost effective management software solutions are designed to maximise your control of your business and maximise your profits

Manage your fleet on-line, schedule visits and routes


a common sense system to organise vending machine restocking - with built-in intelligence!